Drug & Alcohol Screening

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Drug & Alcohol Policy Development

Employer Health Solutions can assist employers to develop an appropriate drug and alcohol policy in line with the following Australian Standards:

  • AS/NZS4308:2008 – Procedure for the collections, detection, and quantification of drug abuse in urine and/or;

  • AS 4760-2006 – Procedures for specimen collection and the detection and quantification of drugs in oral fluid and/or;

  • AS3547:1997 – Breath and Alcohol testing devices for personal use.

This policy will include testing requirements, proforma development, and procedures to follow in the event a non-negative or positive drug screen is realised. It also includes a communication and implementation strategy and how to have those difficult conversations with suspect employees.

Drug & Alcohol Screening

Employer Health Solutions can provide urine & and saliva based drug screening coupled with and alcohol breath analysis at their office or at the workplace upon request. All testings will be conducted in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards for Drug and Alcohol testing as detailed above with non-negative results being sent to a local laboratory for further analysis as only an authorised laboratory can confirm a positive result

Did you know that based on research from Medvet:

40% of industrial fatalities are due to alcohol abuse;

Employees who use drugs are 3.5 times more likely to be involved in a workplace accident;

Approximately one in every 8 employees test positive to drugs in the workplace;

Approximately 5% of employees employed in high risk jobs use illicit drugs;

At any given time the positive test rate in urine sits at between 13-15% (Source: Safety Institute of Australia).

Under the duty of care provisions of the Occupational Health & Safety Acts, employers have an obligation to provide a safe workplace for their employees, contractors and visitors. With the alarming statistic above one of the most effective ways that employers can manage this risk is to develop and implement a workplace drug and alcohol policy.