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Assertive Communication Workshop

Duration: 7 Hours
Date: September 4, 2019
Time: 9am - 4pm
Where: Advantage Health Group - 53 Eighth St, Mildura
Cost: $490 (inclusive of GST) per participant

Course Overview:
Today’s workplace can be challenging. Competing demands, multiple stakeholders that you need to engage and influence and frequently changing priorities. Building effective relationships assists us to get things done through others and maintain a balance between our own needs, the organisations’ and the people that we deal with.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the definition of Assertive Communication/Behaviour and understand the benefits of adopting this approach in all situations
  • Improved personal awareness and insight into your own behaviour and why you, at times, default to passive or aggressive behaviour
  • Effectively apply techniques to manage and control personal emotional reactions to situations at work
  • Have a process for remaining assertive and keeping your composure in pressure situations
  • Manage challenging situations in a proactive manner
  • Better prioritise and negotiate timeframes for better outcomes knowing how to manage your own emotions and the emotions of others
  • Approach feedback situations in a positive manner
  • Have a model for giving feedback
  • Be more confident challenging ideas, opinions and requests in a positive manner

For bookings or more information contact:

  • Lois Fraser
  • 0488 273 043
  • Sharna Vigar
  • 0409 257 024