HSR Initial OHS Training Course Conducted by Gallagher Bassett Services

Duration: 5 Days (8hrs per day)
Date: November 25, 2019 to November 29, 2019
Time: 9am - 5pm Daily
Where: Alfred Deakin Centre – Benetook Room
Cost: $990 (incl GST) per person (includes morning and afternoon tea)

Course Overview

The course will be conducted by Gallagher Bassett who has been approved by WorkSafe Victoria to deliver this course which is designed for Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) and Deputy Health and Safety Representatives (DHSRs)

HSRs/DHSRs – Will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills that will assist them to effectively represent the members of their designated work group.  The course will also assist HSRs and DHSRs to understand and effectively exercise their powers.


Key Learning Outcomes

The learning objectives of the course are:

  • Interpreting the OHS legislative framework and its relationship to the HSR or DHSR.
  • Identifying key parties and their legislative obligations and duties.
  • Establishing representation in the workplace.
  • Participating in consultation and issue resolution.
  • Representing designated work group members in any OHS risk management process undertaken by the appropriate duty holder(s).
  • Issuing Provisional Improvement Notice (PIN) and directing cessation of work.

(This course is suitable for workplaces covered by the Victorian OHS Act 2004.)

Upon completion of this course, participants will be issued with a ‘Certificate of Attendance’.

Please note – to receive a Certificate all 5 days of the course must be completed within 6 months of course commencement.


Who should attend?

Health & Safety Representatives and Deputy Health and Safety Representatives.  Although HSRs and DHSRs are the primary audience, Managers, Supervisors and Health and Safety Committee members and others with an interest in safety may also benefit from attending this course.

To register contact Phil Hart – Gallagher Bassett
Phone:03 9297 9113
, Email:


Note: Under section 67 of the Victorian OHS Act 2004 all elected HSRs and Deputy HSRs are entitled to undertake WorkSafe Victoria approved OHS training for HSRs and choose their training course in consultation with their employer.  Gallagher is approved to deliver the HSR Initial OHS Training Course.

Under section 67 of the Victorian OHS Act 2004 an employer, if requested, must allow an elected HSR and elected Deputy HSR to attend a WorkSafe Victoria approved HSR Initial OHS Training Course on paid time, pay the cost of the course and any other associated costs.  Section 67 also allows HSRs to choose the approved training course they attend in consultation with their employer.

For bookings or more information contact:

  • Lois Fraser
  • 0488 273 043
  • Sharna Vigar
  • 0409 257 024