Injury- Return to Work

Employer Health Solutions (EHS) provides cost effective Injury, Claims and Return to Work Management Advice to ensure workers with an injury are provided with the most appropriate treatment to facilitate their recovery and return to work, whilst maximizing productivity and minimizing workers compensation costs.

Did you know that:

1. The estimated costs of a workplace injury including direct costs (payment of wages and medical costs) and indirect costs (lost productivity, loss of future earnings and social welfare payments) in 2008/09 was:

Total Estimated cost: $60.6 billion

Total estimated cost borne by workers: 74%

Total estimated cost borne by community: 21%

Total estimated cost borne by community: 5%

2. If a worker has an accepted claim for an injury at a workplace they have:

The right to compensation via wages at the rate of 95% of their pre-injury weekly earnings for the first 13 weeks;

The right to treatment including medical and allied health services;

A potential entitlement to assistance in the home (if required);

A potential entitlement to legal assistance (if required);

The choice of occupational rehabilitation provider in the event that the workers compensation insurer requires assistance in managing the return to work process.

What’s the alternative?

Click on the bullet points below to reveal how partnering with Employer Health Solutions provides:

1. Medical Representation

Employer Health Solutions attends all of your injured workers medical appointments which:

  • Ensures they get access to the most appropriate treatment to facilitate their recovery and return to work;

  • Ensures they are administered the most appropriate medication to facilitate their recovery and return to work;

  • Ensures suitable duties are accurately communicated to the Doctor to expedite the return to work process;

  • Ensures the Doctor accurately completes the worker's Certificates of Capacity including the appropriate representation of medical restrictions;

  • Allows for the setting of expectation by all parties to ensure “buy-in” and transparency.

2. Early Intervention

Early referral to Employer Health Solutions results in quicker return to work outcomes and therefore reduced claims costs comparative to the traditional Occupational Rehabilitation Model whereby some referrals have taken several weeks to be received to complete the same service.

Research completed by The Foundation for Research into Injury in the Workplace Inc (ResWorks) 2007, concluded:

"Early intervention and a focus on returning to work decreased sick leave and increased the likelihood of return to work. The strategy was found to be cost effective and improved the employee's self-reported efficient in saving time and improving the relationship between the employee and the insurance company. More interventions were introduced (changes to the workplace, rehabilitation and training etc) quickly, increasing upfront cost but providing long-term savings".

3. Return to work managment

Employer Health Solutions manages the entire return to work process on behalf of the employer including assisting the worker and employer with the claim forms, identifying suitable duties, preparing Return to Work Plans, setting and communicating expectations to all stakeholders including staff, negotiating outcomes, liaising with insurers and medical practitioners to allow the employer to focus on their core business.

4. Locally Based

Employer Health Solutions are locally based which means:

  • Our availability is increased to attend appointments at late notice comparative to non-local providers.

5. Local Relationships

Employer Health Solutions has established exceptional local relationships with medical providers who understand the way we operate and are therefore more supportive of the return to work process.

6. The squeaky wheel gets the oil

Case Managers are sometimes managing up to 150 claims at a time. How does the employer ensure their injured worker is getting the assistance they require? Employer Health Solutions ensures the injured worker gets the dignity, respect and attention they require to return to work through being the communication conduit between all parties. Further to this, it makes it easier for the Case Manager because they have a qualified and knowledgeable consultant “on the ground” who they can rely upon to “get the job done.”

7. Continuity

There is a high turnover of consultants in the Occupational Rehabilitation and Workcover Insurer Industry. Imagine if you had three to four people involved in the life of your injured workers claim and you have to re-brief the incoming Consultant/Case Manager each and every time a change is made. Employer Health Solutions makes this easy with one Consultant, who becomes the focal contact point to ensure transparency and progress occurs on each and every claim, regardless of whether a Case Manager or Consultant leaves their employment or a claim transitions to a new team.

8. Familiarity

As the choice of Rehabilitation Provider under the Victorian Occupational Rehabilitation scheme lies with the Injured Worker, an employer may have more than one Rehabilitation Provider working on different claims within their workplace, therefore there is no familiarity. At Employer Health Solutions, we become familiar with the workplace and the tasks the employees are required to carry out making it easier to develop Return to Work (Suitable Duties) Plans and minimizing the associated costs.

9. Morale

The Workcover process is a complicated maze for the employer to negotiate let alone for the injured worker to comprehend. Employer Health Solutions as the appointed Return to Work Coordinator impacts positively on the morale of your injured worker and the workplace as your workforce is assured their employer has appointed someone with the necessary expertise to help them through their unfortunate event.

10. Cost Reduction

Engaging Employer Health Solutions to perform these services reduces costs in the following ways:

  • Our costs are not premium sensitive so there is no “premium shock”;

  • Early intervention equals quicker return to work outcomes resulting in reduced wages paid by the insurer, equating to lesser claims costs and thus reduced premiums;

  • Increased productivity through early return to work implementation thus reduced likelihood to employ additional labour;

  • Effective medical management ensures your worker has the appropriate treatment and medication therefore not spending money on ineffective services and medications.