Occupational Health and Safety Advice

Research has demonstrated that sound Work Health and Safety management practices positively impacts on the three “P’s” which are: Performance, People and Profits. Employer Health Solutions offers a range of proven professional safety services to assist employers keep their workforce safe whilst ensuring they comply with their legislative obligations and maximising these three “P’s”.

We offer the following Safety related services:

  • Identification of organisational hazards and risk ratings;

  • Systems design including policy, procedural and strategic planning;

  • Hazard specific consultancy;

  • Identification of Key Performance & Critical Risk Indicators;

  • Safety behaviour and cultural change management;

  • OHS Management system advice in accordance with Australian Standards 4801;

  • Provision of safety audits;

  • Provision of worksite inspections;

  • Asset inspections;

  • Legislative audits.

We have over 12 years of Occupational Health and Safety experience working in the manufacturing, government, transport, labour hire and many other related industries. If you need Safety advice Employer Health Solutions have the expertise you need.